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Passion Discovery

If you have a heart felt desire, then you have the ability to make it a reality.

This workshop is designed to peel back layers. The things we say to protect ourselves from disappointment. The old stories we use that no longer serve us.

It’s for those who:

  • Feel like they are stuck in neutral (or just plain stuck!)
  • Are burnt out, or approaching one
  • Want to stop waiting for their ship to come in
  • Need a ‘restart’ because they are at an end of one phase, about to begin another…

Using images, writing exercises, partner work and visioning, we’ll take 3 intensive hours to uncover the core of what drives you. (Once you recognize where you get your energy, it becomes easier to renew because it feeds itself!)

You’ll leave with:

  • A packet of resources.
  • A support group of others who can help keep you accountable.
  • A clearer vision of what you want – now or in the near future.
  • A commitment to yourself and a simple action plan.

Cost : 100€ (Check to see when the next one is on the side bar to the right.)  Sign Up.

(You can double up and save, if you take the Passion in Action on the same day!)


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