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From my intercultural clients

“Working with Susanne has changed my perspective of living in Germany!” (General Motors Business in Germany Coaching Client)

“Susanne is reliable, client centered, and a good listener. I would work with her again in a heart beat.” (Program manager for Relocation programs, IOR Global)

“This class was so interesting. I will definitely be able to use this information in my work. Susanne’s facilitation was especially helpful and I liked her enthusiastic style.” (Expatriate client on moving to the U.S.)

“The trainer didn’t just present the differences between cultures, but modeled the behaviors. This is not something you can learn from a book or just by talking to another person. Her experiences and practical advice were invaluable.” (Swiss based company, partnering with US company)

“The most valuable part of this team building was about cultural awareness. This will help me to interact with my colleagues more efficiently.” (Siemens team launch)

On my coaching

“I consider myself to be a strong person and adaptable to change. However, I was going through some of the most stressful life changes all at once: a) moving; b) losing a job; c) losing a loved one.

Working with Susanne set me on a path in the right direction. She helped me to express my thoughts and ideas (literally giving me a notebook and pen!), then organize them, and finally translate them into goals I could pursue and achieve (eliminating roadblocks along the way).

One year later (almost to the day!) I achieved the goals I had set out to accomplish. I set up my own freelance marketing research company (work I can do from home, and carry with me to any place we might move). I have established a network of friends (both personal and professional), that I keep in contact with on a regular basis. I have chosen to be more outgoing and active, becoming involved in courses and activities, rather than isolated. I will soon be making another move, and will be working with Susanne to make that next transition just as successful!” – Cathy

“We have only just begun, but already her impact has been tremendous on me.  I now have the definition of my ideal job—a HUGE development!  I’m on my way to seeking my dream career!  ” ~ Olivia (New expat to Germany)

On my Passion workshops

“The workshops are so powerful that they can send people on unforseen journeys and wondrous adventures. Thank you for that, sincerely!” – Kristie

“This is what we all need, but most people don’t know where to look or are afraid to even look for it. It helps and makes you feel better, so you want somebody else to feel better, too.” ~ Andrea

“Great discussions with like minded people – didn’t feel rushed. Loved that everything was visual, spontaneous, from the heart. It is sometimes surprising what triggers you – in a positive way! It felt very creative and free.” ~ Wendy (Yoga Instructor & Coach)

“Using pictures to define ideas and goals was great and new. You have a wonderful facilitative calm and resonance.” ~ Nic (Small Business Developer)

“I would recommend this workshop to others because it is 3 hours for oneself, to think about important things and get new ideas. The results are surprising and exciting. It was a logical process to start to find out about my passions.” ~ Louise

“It helps you gather your thoughts – sehr kompakt und sehr pragmatisch. Es gibt einem das gefühl, den ersten schritt gegangen zu sein.” ~ Simone

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