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Services & Tools

We make culture flow

The world is getting more complicated every day, and businesses are having to figure out how to help their diverse workforce be successful across borders, timezones and mindsets.

(That’s where we come in.)

With our coaching approach, we don’t believe in helping you get the most from your employees, because that’s not sustainable. We believe in helping you get the BEST.

We provide the frame work for them to make things flow, because they already have everything it takes to succeed.

Our contributions for your organization

Here are just a few ways we have been able to facilitate teams & leaders into flow:

• Intercultural Competence & Capacity Building Workshops

• Team Building (Team Alignment & Conflict Management)

• Developing People Internationally (Nine Step Program)

• Teams in Transition (Reorganizations, Mergers & New teams)

• Change Management

• Leadership & Management Development (building skills & leadership capabilities)

• Intercultural Conflict Transformation (Based on empathy building skills and capacity building)

• Coaching (organizational & relationship systems, developmental, collaborative, coactive, mentor)

Some of our key tools

A tool is only as good as the facilitator using it. Below are just a few of the tools our partners use extensively and with great results:

• VisualsSpeak™ (Visual Imaging Tool – used successfully at Allianz, SIEMENS, Microsoft, Nike, T-Mobile and other global companies)

• DISC Assessment

• The Core Protocols™ (Key Behaviors Shift tool based on Agile Intentional Development)

• Culture in the Workplace Questionnaire (based on Hofstede’s work of 5 cultural dimensions to assess culture´s influence on business functions)

• Hogan LEAD Assessment Suite (on people´s potential, risks & values)

• Situational Leadership II

• Intercultural Conflict Style Inventory (tool to assess one´s preferred communication style in disagreement)

How we make culture flow for you

• Mindful people-oriented development of customized training and coaching for individuals or groups

• Programs based on client’s situational needs

• Deep commitment to on-going relationship-based capacity building and developmental learning

• Skillful use of hands-on, value and strengths-based experiential learning methods & tools

• Focus is on using sustainable process development methods and strategies

• Enthusiastic role modeling that learning can be effective and fun at the same time, including mind, body, and heart

• Creative out-of-the-box programs designed to deliver results

• Authentic, dedicated and high spirited experienced expert facilitation

Simply put, we design and deliver programs and processes that get the best out of you and your employees. How can we help you?

Innovative Tools & Books

We are always looking for a new way to see things.

It keeps things interesting AND helps us to work in deeper, more sustainable ways with our clients.

The following are tools and books that we have found helpful, or that our clients have passed along to us with great enthusiasm.

If you have others you would like to tell us about, we would love to hear from you.

Feel free to pass along the learning! It is the only way we can all benefit from the wealth of knowledge and great ideas out there.


WHAT: Here is a great new tool that has been developed by the innovator/creator of VisualsSpeak: The Image Center

HOW: We use it with individuals and teams who need insights – and fast. People who are struggling with issues that evade solutions. People who are stuck and frustrated. The tool is so easy and fun people are shocked when it works (though we’re not!).

Here’s how it works –

STEP ONE: We meet online (email or chat) and figure out a question that reasonates (around your particular issue).

STEP TWO: I send you a link to the image center and you sign up for an account. (Let’s you have access to your image afterwards.)

STEP THREE: We meet at the image center and hook up via skype, gmail chat, or telephone.

STEP FOUR: I walk you through the process of beginning the activity.

Here’s how the opening screen looks:

I usually give folks a time limit to sort, arrange, and change the size of images so that they have a complete collage that answers a framework question we agree on ahead of time.

Here’s what it can look like afterwards:

STEP FIVE: Look at the collage together. You explaining images in whatever way makes sense, me listening, taking notes and paying attention.

STEP SIX: Marination. I give you up to two weeks to let things sink in, let insights emerge. I send you several reflection questions based on your image outcome to help this process.

STEP SEVEN: We meet again to see what has emerged and make an action plan.


Working with Images

We work a lot with images because they…

  • have the special ability to get around mental blocks
  • access deep values
  • bridge communication gaps created by language
  • are inspiring and fun

Using images from magazines, comic books, or post cards works well for some. It is really not anything new.

However, we have had the amazing fortune to discover and help develop a tool that has tested and designed 250 images that are guaranteed to evoke connection and communication.

The tool is called VisualsSpeak.  We use this tool in almost everything we do, professionally and personally.

We find that it never gets old, not the process or the photos. We are amazed every time we use it – at the discoveries that are made and the insight that the process brings.

(This is a collage done around business.)

Our coachees and workshop participants always tell us this was their favorite tool or activity.

There is a great audio file where Christine explains how it works and why!



“life is a verb: 37 days to wake up, be mindful and live intentionally” by Patti Digh.



We have gotten a lot of ideas from Patti about how to reach deeper and help our clients go deeper. How to not only make significant steps, but be more intentional about how they take them. Susanne featured this book on her blog, as she did her own 37 day challenge.

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